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Credits: skyline (Taken at: Bombo Quarry, Kiama)


Twinkle twinkle, little star

Do you ever find yourself driving along at night, and you suddenly notice the sky isn’t pitch black, but rather sparkling instead?

You say goodbye to your friends after dinner and walk back to your car. You look up and you’re greeted by an array of jewels in the sky.

Is there a special place you like to go, away from all the noise and lights, where you can be in peace and quiet and soak up the light show above you?

Sometimes we’re so busy looking where we’re going, we forget to look up.

There’s something mesmerising about stargazing. The name itself – stargazing – evokes many feelings. Romance – sitting there with the person you love. Peace – I can’t speak to the sky, but it speaks to me. Wonder – where did this all come from? Discovery – what’s out there? Sadness – just me, stars and the night sky. Joy – admiring the natural beauty of it all.

The stars – they don’t give us anything tangible. There’s nothing to gain from stargazing. Yet somehow, they still manage to calm my soul, rest my eyes, and bring peace to my mind. In a world surrounded by artificial light, a world where I can turn light on and off – the light of the stars is the only thing I have no control over, yet somehow it has control over me.

And the moon? Do you ever find yourself talking to the moon?

Photo credits: taken by skyline at 富士山,日本 (Mt. Fuji, Japan)