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Soundtrack of Life

I’ve always wanted to write a piece on music. But I think this won’t be that piece. But it might turn into that piece. Or it might start off sounding like that piece, and I’ll stop myself. Anyway…

I’d like to introduce Soundtrack of Life, a series where both myself and road5ter will use as a space to both introduce, discuss, and review music. As such, these pieces will revolve around music that we currently listen to (or used to listen to).

Music has a special place in a lot of people’s lives, often because it’s closely related to mood and personality (I have no scientific sources or references to back this up, but I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me!). Especially because I think we go through phases of liking a specific genre – and it’ll forever be imprinted deep inside as a bookmark of that period of your life. And sometimes, you’ll hear a song; you’ll close your eyes (or see, in your mind) and be taken away to a time when that song was your favourite; bringing back the happiness, sadness, pain, triumphs, tastes, smells, and feelings that are attached to it.

I’ll always remember the way my primary school science teacher broke it down to us; music, or more specifically, the sound an instrument makes, is actually by definition ‘noise’. It just happens this noise is pleasant to us, and thus, we put it together and make patterns from it, which are compositions and songs. But music has changed peoples’ lives, and the fact music can be made from anything is remarkable. You have people playing buckets, and you have people playing saxophones. As long as it makes a sound, it can be music.

And because music is such a subjective experience, I fully recognise that what I like will not be what everyone else likes; and vice versa – and to that, I urge you, dear readers, to keep an open mind because it is a shame to go through life trying new things, when there is just so much variety in this world of ours.

To this end, I’d like to say that if you guys have any recommendations for us, then please comment below and introduce us to your world of music!

Welcome to the Soundtrack of Life.

Feature photo credits: Wikipedia – MONO