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192 LEDs…!

On the public holiday (thank you dear ANZACs) I decided to finally get a project done – modifying my reverse lights from a single globe to double LED panels. Yes. That is correct. This was relatively simple, merely time consuming. All I needed was:

LED panels (ebay!)

Solder kit (mate lent me his)


Reverse lights (I bought a spare set from a wreck to practice on/in case something went wrong)


screw driver.I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

IMAG0173Polish up the lenses with Glassylite!


Practice solder and tape with an old LED panel

HTC EVO 3D X515a
Focal Length

Accidentally snapped the wiring while stripping the plastic so had to resolder it together.


Two panels together. 48 LED x 2 … hehehe This is just for one side!


Taped up the wiresIMAG0184

Stuck it in the civic to test out the soldering – PERFECT!


Come back and work on second set – above, pictured are the complete panels + reverse light housingsIMAG0187

That spare perspex is really coming in handy. Used it as backing to make the panels stand up inside the housing. Superglue!IMAG0188

Plug in, tape up the wiring, glue the bottom and put into position – wait around 30-60min to set.

IMAG0190We have a winner.

Also, picked this up on Friday….heeee heeeee heeeeee


And stuck this guy in the car too! However as I predicted, his head is too heavy and there’s no good surface to mount him in the 34’s dash. So I found an even better place…he sits IN the ashtray now (pics later!). Thanks mate!IMAG0200

And a quick note: King springs + Bilsteins have arrived. Now waiting for some cash + HICAS lock bar and then I can send Mr Skyline into the shop!


Black Carbon Bonnet Wrap


Last night was an SAU (Skylines Australia) Event night – held at Meguiar’s HQ in Silverwater. I volunteered as a demo car to get my bonnet wrapped. My paint has a fair number of stone chips and various blemishes, so it’s not a problem for me.

Turned out really well, I reckon. Love looking at my bonnet now.