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Getting things done

So I’ve been sick as a dog since sunday. Ended up staying home for the past 2 days, mostly in bed. But, surprise surprise I received a package from Japan on the Monday. So a few things could get further ticked off my list =) But here’s some pictures from the weekend.

New head unit and DIN compartment. Courtesy of a JZX100 owner! Head unit looks the same as my old one except that it has about 10 different colours, so I can change it to match whatever interior theme I have. Currently red. And that woodgrain DIN tray just adds that little bit of class, I think. JDM AS!!!

After the install, washed the car. Went through my cleaning box and realised I had this “spray and gloss” from poorboys, decided to try it and was pretty impressed. it’s the gloss of wax without the long(ish) term protection and also long and arduous procedure. Evidently don’t expect it to last very long.

And here’s my new set of wheels =)))))) freaking AWESOME. They look so good! This is the first clean one. They were super dirty and so they needed a real good clean before i put some tyres on.

Comparison: top is cleaned, bottom is soaked in water, ready to be washed. It’s practically a whole shade darker.

Here’s the inside of one rim. Most of them looked like this…

Two clean vs two dirty


Saturday night in Chatswood, looking for a space to park (there were lots of spaces, just wanted one which was convenient) saw this, and thought why not?

Monday’s arrival!

Lunch. Good with my hands…for many things

Totally don’t remember ordering this.

This, i did order. Been on my list for ages!

Pillowball castor rods! URAS made!

Tie rods (super hard) URAS made again.

Installed corner lamp. Looks slick!