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Start your engines

We thought that it was time to start properly writing. This is a blog about cars, and cars are much more than mechanical transportational objects! There is a whole culture and emotional level to cars which is not often explored, so this blog section will be dedicated to our musings on the non-mechanical side of things. It would be great for people to leave comments and have a healthy discussion as well, so feel free to do exactly that.To kick things off:

Why do people like cars so much? Specifically, why do people care so much? Conversely, why do some people care so little?

Sukairine: Here’s a bit of my background + my take on it. As a kid, I didn’t particularly like cars. I wasn’t really a fan. Sure, I had toy cars, and would race them around my rectangular shaped carpet – but superheroes were more my thing! I loved Power Rangers. Funnily enough, my uncle (in his 20s at the time of my childhood) had a nice EG Civic – not slammed, not stanced, but definitely not standard (riced up, at the least! And later on, he got a Prelude – VTEC!). My dad, also, had an Integra for a short time. Not a Type R, but still, he loved that car. I didn’t really pay attention to either of those cars. Fast forward to my early high school years, and I still did not care about cars. Friends would talk about staying up to watch the F1, and I would think ‘What a waste of time and effort!’. But, for some reason, I now had a ‘favourite car’. It was the WRX STI. Not the Bugeye! I loved its looks. It was TOUGH, but looked slick at the same time. Still, I never considered getting one, it was purely admiration.

Then, out of uni, friends started buying their own cars. One thing I’ve forgotten to mention is that a LOT of my friends are car enthusiasts – some more than others, but enthusiasts nonetheless. An MX5 here, a Prelude there, a S15,  then another MX5, then a Chaser, then an R33…

And, as I’ve mentioned before, it was after that one fateful ride in the R33 which pushed me into the decision to save up for an R34. Months later, BAM. So here I am, now a ‘car enthusiast’ living the enthusiast life.