The original idea of this post was taken from something I’d written years ago. The inspiration for taking it and rewriting it is from events that have occurred since then, and most obviously, people that have entered my life. Hopefully this concept is easily understood and everyone is able to identify the gamechangers in their life.

“In the world of sport, there are often specific events, moments in time where certain things happen, or specific people or players who have the ability to change everything in the game. Within their grasp and ability is the power for things to take an entirely new direction; or lift the team to victory. They are the gamechanger.
In life, there are also gamechangers. Specific moments which set your life on an entirely different course – the day you decide to finally go jogging instead of sitting at home, or the day you ride your bike without a helmet and get hit by a car. Specific people who appear in your life one day out of nowhere, and change everything that you thought you knew about life. Or perhaps it might take a while for you to realise it, and they’re in front of you for a while before you see that there’s something there and open yourself to it – nevertheless, they changed your life the moment they appeared.
Such is the wonderful way this world works.”
We get comfortable in our lives, in our daily routines, in our mindsets, the same people around us day after day. After a while, if nothing challenges you, it all becomes the same. It’s when you least expect it that the gamechanger will appear; nothing like you could ever imagine, everything and all at once. Blazing into your life like a meteorite from the Orionids and smashing into your face. From a boring canter suddenly you’re taken on a wild ride, holding onto the reins with all your strength. And you love it. Every second, every minute pushes you that little bit more towards addiction. The impact this person makes on your life cannot be measured by any scale or weight. You don’t know where you’re going or when you can get off this wild ride (do you even want to get off?).
For they are the gamechanger, and they just changed your life.
And a last thought to ponder, something to challenge yourself: be the gamechanger.
Featured image: Frank Cone,

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