Doing the things you love

One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to indulge in the things we love. Whether that is an activity or vice, a temporary fulfilment of a craving or working towards a long-term goal, or even if it has no ‘meaning’, it is the simple action of completing that activity that really satisfies our soul.

The greatest thing is to have the freedom to do what we love. Not possible for everyone, I admit. But if you are one such person, then please appreciate it. That you have the ability or time, or energy, to do it.

For me, it is riding my motorcycle on open road; cruising past fields of green with the sunshine on my face and wind blowing through my helmet. Hearing the roar and rumble of my bike as the engine purrs along and I work through the gears. Feeling the road through my wrists, every bump I go over, or the smooth rolling road surface. The consummate visceral experience can rarely be matched.

Or, it could be as simple as going for a walk in the park and watching the sun set. These are the things that feed our soul and really put our mind at peace. And ultimately, whatever it is that you do, the end result is (though you may not set out with this goal) you bring peace to the calm that is the constant battlefield of your mind. Every day we are bombarded with messages and notifications, a hundred tasks to complete – deadlines and due dates. It’s activities like these that let us draw away from all the noise and regain our inner sense of self.


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