Next stop: Unknown

I’d be lying if i said I was young. I don’t feel that word applies to me anymore, as much as I wish it did. At the same time, I don’t fit the term ‘old’ either. Well, neither of those terms are really correct about me in any sense. What I’m really trying to get at is, it feels as though I’ve now grown up (though not necessarily a grown up all the time haha) and should be finding my place in the world. Sure, if you think that means having a stable career and saving for a property, being with a long term partner, everything all rosy – but no, pretty much none of that applies to me.

A lot of people my age are now pairing off, getting married, some are having kids, a lot have pets, a lot have moved out of home, some have moved overseas for work. And most people are solidly on their career trajectory. Which is great, for them, because that’s what they want! But how many people are actually living on the edge – how many people are faking it till they make it? How many people actually know their next step?

I guess I got a little lost in the rhetoric there. My point is that whilst society has this typical plan for us, we don’t have to adhere to it. Life is too short to be linear, and often it’s a lot more fun to go the long way. You can see the scenery, experience life, and ultimately end up in the same place as the person who followed the typical path.


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