Dating In Your 20s: Part 1 – Early 20s

While searching for the next topic to write on, I was given this topic by a friend. I immediately thought ‘this is a great idea’ but then my next thought was ‘what do I actually know?’. So take everything here with a pinch of salt, as anything I saw is drawn from my own and friends’ experiences.

At the ripe age of 20, most people have just gotten into uni, or started to settle at uni. It’s a transitional period like no other, where people must quickly become independent or risk getting left behind. Everyone is at varying stages of maturity; mentally, physically, emotionally, and life. Most people don’t know where they’re heading; most people have a rough idea of where they want to go, but with the benefit of hindsight, we now know that most of us are have ended up in different places. So how do relationships fit into all of this?

I think it’s fair to say that most people finish high school and enter uni with the notion of finding ‘someone’. Post-pubescent kids getting thrown into a completely unfamiliar setting, with plenty of opportunities to meet the opposite sex; what’s going to happen? Of course, the answer is both ‘a lot’ for some people and ‘not much’ for others. There’s the guy/girl who seems to have a new boyfriend/girlfriend every month; the couple that somehow made it through from first year to graduation and are now married; the guy/girl who is single throughout it all; and the guy + girl who like each other for about 3 years but nothing ever eventuated from it.

My point is, it’s rare that anything long lasting comes from relationships in university. Most people are still discovering who they are; or becoming who they want to be. It’s quite difficult in terms of stability, a concept most people only really think of later in life. Stability is a cornerstone in relationships, something which is often lacking at such a young age. And most people don’t have a plan. Well, is it really necessary to have a plan at that age? Going with the flow, seeking new experiences, growing and maturing; isn’t that what the early 20s are all about?


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