Throttle Roll 2014 – Sydney, Australia

Shout-out to the roots of this site, Japan!

It’s been a long time – many apologies for the hiatus. Things have been a bit hectic and messy, but now I’m back, and will be working through a backlog of posts. But to start off!

Today was Throttle Roll 2014, a mad gathering of cafe racers, bobbers, low riders, and amazing motorbikes. It was a custom bike show, with lots of builds by shops, groups, clubs, and individuals. It’s run by Sydney Cafe Racers, Sydney’s own dedicated group to the Cafe Racer scene here. There was also food, drinks, and live rockabilly bands. Here’s some of my pics from the event. It was such a great atmosphere. Most of the bikes there were Hondas, Yamahas, Triumphs, and Harleys (mainly Sportsters or Iron 48s), with a few Nortons, Ducatis, and Moto Guzzis thrown into the mix. The majority of the bikes were parked on the street, and this is where the best and most interesting bikes were, in my opinion – the bikes on the street really showed off originality and home-builds (e.g. THE SHIZ). Inside the venue there were bikes on scaffolds, these were the official ‘Throttle Roll Bikes” – mostly done by shops or groups – they were nice, and some were VERY nice (like the grey Ducati) but I felt they were too polished – if that’s a valid complaint. There were a LOT more bikes at the event than represented in my set, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them all (lots of people, etc). Overall, it was a great way to spend the afternoon; and I myself can’t wait to get on my own!

View the full set here.