SAU Tech Night at Heasman’s Steering

Being part of one of the most well-run car clubs in NSW, if not Australia, has its benefits. Our great members often have contacts with some interesting shops, and they often agree to run some tech nights (or information nights) for us! At these nights we get to ask questions, see the guts of the workshop, and hear some interesting stories + inside information of the industry.

Recently SAU NSW was invited to Heasman’s Steering for a suspension tech night. It was a great night, in which the Heasman’s crew threw us a BBQ  before the night began, and then a tour + talks throughout the workshop. There were 3 groups, and we rotated through 3 ‘stations’ throughout the night. They were: corner weighting, shocks workshop, and wheel alignment. Here’s some pics.

Quick chat before we split into groups
Wheel alignment. His knowledge showed through and I’d be very happy to get an alignment here when I next need it.
The Heasman S14!
The fuel system of the Heasman R34 GTR. Boomboom.
Them stovetop tail lights.
This may be familiar to some of you.
This may also be familiar. Demo car for the wheel alignment.
This was hands down my favourite car of the night. Normally I don’t give a sh*t for Euro cars but I have a very soft spot for Lamborghinis.
The pit.
The pit.

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