Do you even lift?

Ever since getting the 34, there’s one luxury feature which I’ve always wanted. Well, in fact, before the 34, even. I’ve only ever had cars with the bonnet arm, never any dampers. And having seen many GTRs, a few of which have bonnet dampers, well, the seed was sewn that I one day must have a set of dampers!

And I’ve kept my eye on sales, and the many JDM websites, for bonnet dampers. GTR bonnet dampers won’t fit the GTT because of different dampening rates due to the difference in weight AND the different bonnet mounting points anyway. So, a month or two ago it just happened that someone was setting up a groupbuy on SAU for bonnet dampers. I was IN. Last week, they arrived. And saturday, they were installed (with the help of some mates to hold up the bonnet!). Not an overly difficult job at all, hardest part would have been to understand the Engrish instructions. Pics.

Yes, they are carbon. Not a wrap but actual carbon =)
Practicing that depth of field photography.
A little theme is building here…

Absolutely love hearing the whooooooooooosh when I lift the bonnet.


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