Painterly Weekend

Aside from going to vote for the Australian Federal Election, I spent most of Saturday afternoon doing a bit of DIY. Armed with a couple of spray cans of paint that I got previously on Father’s Day, I decided to restore the windshield wipers that’s been bugging me a bit due to its rust and paint chips. Also, instead of forking out a couple of hundred bucks for some genuine KG-works Door cups to match with the KG-works door handles, I whipped out a can of chrome paint and went to town on these bad boys.


Learning from mistakes back when I did a bit of re-spraying with the AE86, prep is the key to any good paint job. So i started of with meticulously sanding down all the bits and pieces and wiped it all down with some wax and grease remover, then air drying them under the hot Aussie sun.


Next is two coats of rust proof primer for the wipers and two coats of plastic primer for the door cups. Finished it off with a quick sand with high grit sandpaper.

IMG_0792 DSCF2668-1

Finally, 3 coats of matte black for the wipers and 3 coats of chrome for the door cups. The chrome looked more silver than chrome,  but I’m quite happy with the results.

DSCF2679-1 IMG_0796


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