Cabin air filter change!

A few hundred/thousand kilometers ago, I decided to change the cabin air filter as part of continuous maintenance of the car. Owning a third-hand Japanese import means that you can never really trust the previous owners, and the work they ‘did’ on it. It’s best to assume they were all sh*theads and assume that they did nothing, and if anything, not properly – unless you knew the actual owner before! So, having done the fuel filter, oil change, oil filter, brake/clutch bleed, radiator flush, spark plugs, various lights around the car, it was finally time to turn to the interior. Note to self, a 100k service is probably wisely around the corner…

So, to the cabin filter. Funny story about this one. The filters are located behind the glovebox. This means that you need to remove the glovebox in order to reach the filters. In order to remove the glovebox, you need to undo certain screws located all around the glovebox. There is one screw in the right hand corner of this glovebox which is located deep, deep within. It is in a very tight spot, and on the day that I tried to remove it, realised that I had no screwdrivers long enough to reach and give me leverage. The first time I tried this I spent about a solid hour on this one screw. In the end, I gave up. The next day I went to Bunnings and looked around for a long enough screwdriver. There were the $16 Stanley screwdrivers…and there, on the ground in a box labelled “random” was a 2$ version of the same thing. Brought it home, and in a few minutes, the screw was out. Sigh.

Pics and captions will tell the rest of the story.

These are ONLY available in Japan – so the services of a certain personal importer were engaged to obtain these. Pretty cheap by themselves, not so cheap when all costs added – but then again, this is just a once-a-year change so not too big a cost. Bought two packs.
Pretty dirty in there. A massive feeling of relief was felt when the glovebox finally dropped!
Self explanatory. Pull out. Replace filter (as seen in next pic) and put back in.
Green bits replace the black bits, the frame remains the same. Gave it a quick clean off too, lots of dust and random crap on the frames.
The filters come with a service sticker, how useful!


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