New bits (backlog)

Ever since the suspension side of things got sorted, modifications on the 34 have quietened down a lot. This is because I’m trying not to let it become the money pit that we all KNOW it can become. Focus is on keeping it running well, and looking slick. So, in order to achieve that…let me introduce these new ‘bits’.


These are genuine Nissan R34GTR Vspec II aluminium pedals. They are a factory option on R34s (for all models) and so, are available to be ordered from Nissan Japan. But they have become very scarce now, a decade on from production. I sourced these from someone who had quite a few pairs in possession. For a very fair price too.
The bulbs that were on the car seemed to be mismatched in colour. Plus, they weren’t very bright, and were tinged a little too blue for my liking – too ricer (haha yes, I’m treading on a very thin line here). So I bought these. Straight from the homeland. And they’re very, very nice. Clear, white light.


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