Father’s Day (Sale)!

It’s a great time of year to grab a bargain on tools. Since moving to Canberra, I had to leave behind most of my tools and my tool cabinet back at my brother’s place in Sydney. Given the massive 50% off sale at Supercheap Auto, I got myself some jack stands, Hydraulic Trolley Jack and some bits and pieces. All this for the small price of 50 bucks!


However, it has been hard finding time to tinker with the car lately (evident from the lack of post on my behalf). Research and experiments has been hectic and busy at work, which is a great thing. But on the down side, now I have a pile of parts gathering dust in the corner of my room just waiting to get installed into the car.


On another note, this blog was originally designed as a build diary of my mx5 (as well as Mr.GV134’s Skyline), but also as a personal blog that I could joint down my experience from living in Canberra. Unfortunately, somehow it has turned into purely a blog about cars. I think I should start posting up some stuff about working and living in Canberra to make this blog a bit more personal and less sterile. 🙂


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