This is how I (don’t) roll

It’s been a while, but everything’s done. There were some hiccups after the install – namely, the springs settled and that caused a drop in the strut top, which meant one of the shocks was knocking. So, after getting the car back I had to drop it into the shop again. Also found an exhaust leak between the cat and some pipe (I’m confused about these things) so Dennis fixed that up too. AND most importantly, got that oil pressure sensor leak fixed up. Thanks a heap Dennis. So got the car back on the saturday, drove it round on Sunday. Also finally got my SAU sticker on and them nismo stickers on the rims!

All work done by Dennis @ Grim Performance. Great mechanic who is willing to listen and is very reasonable with rates. As well as being a genuine guy.

It drives so well now. Absolutely smooth, punchy, and rides like a dream. It’s noticeably firmer when going over uneven road, but it doesn’t bounce and I don’t lose traction – thanks to the Bilsteins + King springs. And I can go into corners faster than before because them sway bars have reduced the body roll so much that I only shift in my seat while the car barely rolls.

First morning out – sitting pretty =D


Now all that’s left to do is:

  • Install nismo mats (install??? hahaha)
  • Install GTR Vspec II aluminium pedals
  • Install front indicators (kinda like the orange though…)
  • Respray brake calipers
  • Install FMIC

and pretty much after that, I won’t do anything except maintain the car, until next year. Just enjoy it!

ps: found a nice surprise when i got my parts back from the Mechanic. My car previously had Tanabe Sustec GF210 springs on the stock shocks!


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