192 LEDs…!

On the public holiday (thank you dear ANZACs) I decided to finally get a project done – modifying my reverse lights from a single globe to double LED panels. Yes. That is correct. This was relatively simple, merely time consuming. All I needed was:

LED panels (ebay!)

Solder kit (mate lent me his)


Reverse lights (I bought a spare set from a wreck to practice on/in case something went wrong)


screw driver.I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

IMAG0173Polish up the lenses with Glassylite!


Practice solder and tape with an old LED panel

HTC EVO 3D X515a
Focal Length

Accidentally snapped the wiring while stripping the plastic so had to resolder it together.


Two panels together. 48 LED x 2 … hehehe This is just for one side!


Taped up the wiresIMAG0184

Stuck it in the civic to test out the soldering – PERFECT!


Come back and work on second set – above, pictured are the complete panels + reverse light housingsIMAG0187

That spare perspex is really coming in handy. Used it as backing to make the panels stand up inside the housing. Superglue!IMAG0188

Plug in, tape up the wiring, glue the bottom and put into position – wait around 30-60min to set.

IMAG0190We have a winner.

Also, picked this up on Friday….heeee heeeee heeeeee


And stuck this guy in the car too! However as I predicted, his head is too heavy and there’s no good surface to mount him in the 34’s dash. So I found an even better place…he sits IN the ashtray now (pics later!). Thanks mate!IMAG0200

And a quick note: King springs + Bilsteins have arrived. Now waiting for some cash + HICAS lock bar and then I can send Mr Skyline into the shop!


Updates: Fabrication and new bits!

Seems like both Tofuboy and I have been fairly busy making bits and pieces. Just a quick update: Bilstein shocks have been ordered + King springs. When they arrive car will go straight to the workshop and BAM handling done (of course plus all the other arms and sh!t I have in my living room right now).

So what have I been busy making? Well a while ago I bought a sheet of perspex – 4.5mm thickness with the intention of making a pod box. This plan was hampered by the fact I didn’t have a jigsaw which, you would know, is an essential part of the project. Until my dad told me that he had one (A MONTH AFTER I BOUGHT THE PERSPEX).

So one saturday morning bright and early, I woke up: fabrication time! First up made a cardboard template (this was made a month before buying perspex). So skip this bit, straight to:

Drew template on sheet of perspex and cut:IMAG0072

Then, I needed to bend it. As you can see i did not have a heat gun either, so I tried to use the hairdryer. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK. SPEND 35$ AT BUNNINGS AND GET A HEAT GUN. I left this hairdryer on high for about 10 mins and then it cut out on me (inbuilt fuse, i think it overheated). So that day I was stuck and had to finish up cos I could not do anything else.IMAG0073

Next day I went and bought the heat gun. I didn’t take pictures because I was very rushed in doing it, but it turned out as well as I could expect for the first go. Here’s how it sits now.


It is far from perfect and I’ll be making a v2.0 later on.IMAG0088

I was bored at night, and earlier that day had bought some Autosol…and this is the result. That stuff is magical!


So, with the spare offcuts of perspex and time on my hands (a few weeks later), I decided I’d do something about this ugly gap between the boot and knob. This was as as simple measuring up the gap with a strip of paper (width and length) and then doing the same on the perspex, cutting it, heating, and wrapping it to mould to the bend. This is the hardest bit though, because the perspex I bought (4.5mm) was too thick to bend easily (it bends, just not EASILY) even if it is well-heated. But, having said that, just like my pod box, this is a great first attempt (I actually made 2 that day, this is the pic of one) and I will be doing it again when I get some thinner perspex.





HTC EVO 3D X515a
Focal Length

So on another day, I decided that I’d respray this front grill. It’s obviously been resprayed in red before, and then black, but badly; and now it was peeling/chipping off. Some sanding and painting would make this look much better. So i got to work.


And then realised that my front bar was held on by cable ties on BOTH SIDES. and that the tab on one side was actually snapped and only held on by a tiny tiny corner…fark me. So I thought, this will not do. I set to work to try and fix it. IMAG0091

Super glue, sticky tape…time…


HTC EVO 3D X515a
Focal Length

I don’t have pictures of what it is now, but the glue held in the end, and I’ve bolted it back on. My mate told me about plastic weld which seems like a much better option than superglue so I’ll be getting some of that soon and then strengthening this bond. But, for now, it works!