More things to do

 Great news:

Have finally decided upon suspension, and I’ve gone with a set of Bilsteins. It will be a shock + spring setup so not on-car height adjustable but it will bring both comfort and handling at the same time. I’ve paid for them so now am waiting for confirmation of receipt of payment…then things will be underway for them to be sent over!

Few things to do either soon or when I have time:

  • Paint brake calipers
  • Make air box
  • CAI
  • Sand + repaint front grill

I have a LOT of stuff to put on – a bit of everything – but this will wait till after I get my handling/suspension sorted, then everything will go in the car at once -and boy I’ve got some nice things to put in the car. CAN’T WAIT.

Also, reminder to self: call Leon when I have money!


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