New shoes

Mr.Skyline got some new shoes on the weekend. It’s been a long time coming actually, because the rims that came on the car previously were quite damaged and to me, just plain ugly (with the damage) – otherwise, them being SSR Professors, I love them actually…so maybe one day I’ll get another set. But for now, something even better =). Oh and also the previous owner had nankangs on them. wtf? Damaged rims AND nankangs? Hang my head in shame every time I take my car out.

Saturday was very busy – woke up at 830am, went to Hornsby Nissan to get some front tie rods. Then it was off to Taleb Tyres, massive trek from Hornsby to Tempe! But thankfully traffic was rather smooth, and apart from getting a bit lost up near the airport, it was all good driving – got to boost a bit on the M5 too hahaha.

So, pics:

IMAG0982 IMAG0983 IMAG0984

These babies are READY! IMAG0985

How it looks now. Super sexy. Once again, bad quality pics, will need to get myself sorted out on my SLR so I can get some proper pics up….it deserves it.

HTC Incredible S
Focal Length

Currently working on getting my Nismo stickers to complete the wheels.


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