Rain is dangerous

Last night on the way to picking up some new lug nuts, on Epping rd. Going at 70, see a line of cars waiting to turn out onto the main road from a shoulder – car in front of me is about 3 second gap (if stopped) so a rough 50m+ away. However, that isn’t near enough time or space for a car to turn out from a stand still in – EVEN less, when you factor in the heavy rain and wet roads.

Didn’t stop that f*cktard turning out, though. I could see him edging forward, and as soon as the ‘gap’ appeared he slowly nudged out. What a f*cking nut. I had to slam on the brakes (not too hard or else i’d have skidded headfirst into his arse) and switch lanes immediately. Lucky it was late at night, not that many cars around, especially in the next lane.

Held my hand on the horn for a good 10 seconds next to him, he gave me a “What.” look. FCK YOU DICKHEAD. And as I continued to drive ahead, I saw him drive slowly…in the lane..continuing on…

Just once more: f*cker.

Thankfully not in the 34, and I’m going to be a lot more careful in the wet…or just in general from now on. EVERY other car is a moron. Best rule.


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