More things to do

 Great news:

Have finally decided upon suspension, and I’ve gone with a set of Bilsteins. It will be a shock + spring setup so not on-car height adjustable but it will bring both comfort and handling at the same time. I’ve paid for them so now am waiting for confirmation of receipt of payment…then things will be underway for them to be sent over!

Few things to do either soon or when I have time:

  • Paint brake calipers
  • Make air box
  • CAI
  • Sand + repaint front grill

I have a LOT of stuff to put on – a bit of everything – but this will wait till after I get my handling/suspension sorted, then everything will go in the car at once -and boy I’ve got some nice things to put in the car. CAN’T WAIT.

Also, reminder to self: call Leon when I have money!


One Car to Do It All

Guess for any car enthusiast, the dream is to have one car that does everything. A garage that does everything. This is truly the essence of what a project car is all about. Enjoy.

Photoshoot Part II

As Mr GV134 mentioned, I was back in Sydney for a week a while ago. Haven’t shot cars properly for a while now, especially since I’ve sold all of my DSLR gear. Lately (for the past year) I’ve been shooting with my Fujifilm x100. Its been good to carry around the road and on overseas trips instead of having to lug around a heavy bag of camera gear. However, one biggest draw back is without a doubt the lack of interchangeable lens. Not so much of a problem when shooting portraits, but a huge problem when shooting landscape and automotive photography as a 35mm is just not wide enough no matter how far to step back. May consider an upgrade later in the year, who knows? Anyhow, I made do with the lack of gear in this photoshoot and as usual made up by doing heaps of post-processing. Enjoy!

p.s.. May post some before and after processing previews in a later post!

DSCF2476  DSCF2578a DSCF2601a S0032511DSCF2486-2S0082541-2

Pedal to the Metal

On my recent visit back in Sydney, I bought a few accessories to dress up the car a bit. I’ve always want these Mazda-speed pedals, but they were always ridiculously expensive. Luckily, someone on auscartalk had sold their car and were selling these bad boys for half price! So after 30mins of cursing in trying to get the rubber slips into the brake and clutch pedal, here are the results!

Before when I had some universal pedal covers on from japan.Image

Mazda-speed goodness!Image


Tofuboy was up in Sydney last week, and so we went for the first SSR photoshoot.  We stumbled across this little parking lot and as soon as we went in, we knew it was perfect. I haven’t touched an SLR for over a year so some pictures may be dodgy, and I haven’t gone through and selected the good ones yet. But, for now, is one pic. This is SECKSY!