Being at work, I obviously spent a good amount of time procrastinating and doing jack all. Like always, I visit a bit of youtube, read a few blogs, go on some forums, check some emails and look at my bank account to see if I got paid. Well today, I looked at my bank account and what the F, some jackass tried to take $5000 to pay off their NAB credit card. Lucky I caught it early and the transaction has not been approved yet. ANZ fraud department has now frozen my account and are investigating this. Bloody-hell, now I have to survive on whatever cash I have on my ATM account, not to mention I have to pay rent by the end of this week. Hopefully this all clears up soon….


One thought on “Motherf**ker”

  1. Wow that’s terrible! I hope you survived. I had a similar thing happen to me – some douche was trying to use my money to purchase a tonne of things in Vanuatu. Lol. CBA’s fraud dept then called me and froze my account. Lots of shitheads out there!

    (This is Lisa btw, thought I’d make my first comment on your blog 🙂 )

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