Watanabe has arrived!

6617815223_3b2e591c8bIts been five months now, but they’ve finally arrived. All the way from Japan, my new set of Watanabe Type -A, 14×6.5 +9.5 has finally arrived to Sydney. Currently, they are sitting at a mate’s garage since I don’t have a place to put them here in Canberra. But as expected, they are as light as feather, as my mate didn’t even realized they were rims when he was moving the box into his garage.

Can’t wait to get back to Sydney next month to put some tires on them and chuck them onto the car. Aghhhh, I can’t wait to get back!!!

P.S. Much thanks to Dan from AstinaGT Forum for importing these for me. Check him out if you are looking to import JDM parts from Japan.


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