First, my order from nengun took like a month – however that was lucky because while one of the times I was chasing up the order, I realised that there was a mistake on my part with one of the items…so I got that corrected, and the items came not long after.

Secondly: bought some things from RHDJapan about…a week or two ago now, and some items are on back order – in fact, need to wait to be produced. So that’s held up the rest of my order. Finally today I got in contact with them and told them to send the rest of my order and I’ll wait for the other items. Thankfully, the back ordered items aren’t urgent, and are a DIY. The rest is suspension related =) So hopefully they come soon. Or at least, by the time my coilovers come!

Which is actually at least a month away. And I still can’t decide whether I want Japanese height adjustable coilovers or some Bilstein + Springs which are reportedly more comfortable…


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