The waiting game

We all know this part. The waiting game. No, I haven’t forgotten about this place. But it’s a given there will be silent periods. Having said that, it’s only quiet because of two reasons:

1. Saving up money to buy next things on list
2. Have bought next things on list and waiting for them to arrive.

That’s mainly talking about suspension parts.

But my stock BOV did arrive end of last week, so might get around to try fitting that on this weekend. Mr. GV1 hasn’t been farting as much recently, and in fact I might try an ECU reset this weekend and then drive around for the weekend and see how much farting he does. If less then I’ll leave it, if not, I’ll put on the stock BOV.

Exciting news: will be getting my bonnet wrapped! As part of the SAU events night on Feb 21, I have volunteered to have my bonnet wrapped. Most likely black carbon!


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