Being at work, I obviously spent a good amount of time procrastinating and doing jack all. Like always, I visit a bit of youtube, read a few blogs, go on some forums, check some emails and look at my bank account to see if I got paid. Well today, I looked at my bank account and what the F, some jackass tried to take $5000 to pay off their NAB credit card. Lucky I caught it early and the transaction has not been approved yet. ANZ fraud department has now frozen my account and are investigating this. Bloody-hell, now I have to survive on whatever cash I have on my ATM account, not to mention I have to pay rent by the end of this week. Hopefully this all clears up soon….


Eventful sunday

Car hasn’t been starting properly for the past month. Originally thought it was the battery problem, which is why I went and bought a new battery a few weeks ago. That seemed to fix the problem but then it appeared again, so decided to change spark plugs as I deduced that it was possibly my rich fuel mix that fouled up my plugs.

Raining all saturday so couldn’t do it. Went to CLNSKY’s place yesterday to get some help (actually, credit to him because he did most of it) and changed the spark plugs. We had to let the engine cool down first after my drive there, but about 30mins of cooling, heard thunder. Went outside and saw storm clouds in the distance, but we decided to start anyway and get it done ASAP.

Who knew that the rain would come so fast? Luckily my bonnet was up in the right direction, basically giving us a shield against the wet and ALSO protecting the open engine from getting wet. Here’s some pics.

Nice legs Mr. CLNSKY!

Then afterwards, the ever-amusing Moo arrived in his prelude. Didn’t get a picture of his window but it gave us many lols. As soon as he turned off his car, he said he’d need a jump start, instant facepalming from me and CLNSKY.

First jump start successful.

Second one, not successful.

That was the weekend of work!

Have to report that after changing sparkies, car felt much smoother to drive/accelerate, and also started better. Now, fingers crossed that was the source of the starting problems. Now, to find out wtf is wrong with my brake booster…?

DIY: Charcoal Canister Removal

The charcoal canister is essentially a device that traps fuel vapor that evaporates from the gas tank. Rather than simply releasing the vapors into the atmosphere, the vapor can be recycled and drawn back into the engine to be burned along with the fuel/air mixture. Of course, this is great when the car just rolled out of the factory, but after 22 years, the filter is complete clogged with nasties and gunk, resembling a bad dish of curry, rendering it completely useless. Even Mazda has stop stocking these parts for spares.

A common thing mx-5 owners therefore do is to remove it. Saves a bit of weight (a really small amount – 1.4kg) and generally clean up the engine bay.

Estimated Time: 15-30mins

Difficulty: 2/10

Tools require:

  • 10mm spanner/socket
  • pair of pliers
  • 2-3 cable ties (optional)
  • knife (optional)

Step 1: Locate the charcoal canister. It is located on the left side of the engine bay, between the radiator overflow tank and the inlet manifold.


Step 2: Remove the top two hoses. On is a pull off and the other is a clip on.


Step 3: Remove the hose connecting to the throttle body. I found these pull off hoses were quite tight. Using a pair of pliers help with leveraging the out.


Step 4: Remove the attached connector.


Step 5: Remove the bottom two hoses. This may be quite tight and difficult given the small amount of space. Once you have done this it should look like this.

DSCF2372 DSCF2374


Step 6: Using the bottom hose from the canister and two cable ties or recycle the hose clips to connect the two pipes together.


Step 7: Go to your boot and you should find a small hose nipple on one of the bolts on your rear lights. Take this and insert it into the throttle body pipe.

DSCF2401 DSCF2403

Step 8. Take out the canister and all the relevant junk that was holding it.


Step 9: Give the area a good clean and seal the connector with electric tape.

Voila. You’re done! Sell this shit on ebay and buy yourself a beer 🙂