The iconic twin circles

Alright, so last week my stock tail lights arrived from overseas. Super fast, I must say. Might link the seller from ebay or something, they deserve the props. Lack a little in communication but however good price and packaging and postage! Onto the lights themselves.

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead. If you like pictures you’ll like this. If you have slow internet, you won’t.

So. First up was removing the boot trim. This didn’t require full removal, just the little clips that hold it in place so that the trim was flexible so that I could peel it back to unbolt the tail lights.

Next step was to disconnect the taillight itself and then unbolt it. Very simple.

Then, off with the tail light. Just comes right off. Then there are the two ‘new’ ones! Very iconic and LOVE the proper circles.

Then, it was a simple case of putting it back on, pulling the plug through, bolting it back on, and putting the clips in the trim back. It did take over an hour to do though.

And voila, back to stock lights. Super sexy!

Just a comparison pic of the before and after. Man, no wonder I only wanted to drive at night when you couldn’t see the pink. It was a well spent evening. The next day, I did the interior dash lights because they were also waiting for me on the Friday when I got home =D – more in the next post.

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