So, the GF and I decided that it would be cool to have the theme of the car red and black. But my current dash LEDs are blue – that means it’s time to change! They were put in by the previous owner and to his credit they were decent LEDs. Multiple LEDs per stick, and the light was pretty bright, but too bad the blue was a little weird/sickening.

Got these LEDs off 666DAN who can be found on the SAU forums or, his (no-longer-his) web store, Zero Point Electronics on ebay. Store is still alive, he just doesn’t own it anymore. Good lights! As you will see.

To start off, found a short guide on SAU. No pics, only words, so I was basically working blind BUT was a good opportunity as was Friday night, to feel around and learn more about my car.

Took off the steering wheel/column cover and removed the glass/plastic in front of the dash.

Brought the dash forward – quite difficult, took me about 10 mins of shuffling, budging, nudging to get it out.

This is inside once I’ve disconnected the looms and removed the dash. Don’t see this very often!

This is what it looks like from behind (the dash). Only 4 LEDs needed to be changed, but out of curiosity/noobness I pulled out some other ones, only to realise at the end, that I only needed to pull out 4. And that the 4 had white housings instead of brown ones (that you see all along the top). So possibly I have some lights which don’t work cos I’ve reinserted them the wrong way.

Basically just remove bulbs and stick it in – make sure you get the polarity right. It looks like I have cold spots but this is only because of daytime. It took me about 3-4 goes of switching around the polarities to get everything right – and this meant plugging and unplugging the looms. Painful stuff….

Once the dash was all done, it was onto the triple gauges. Pretty simple, just remove aircon vents and some screws and the whole thing just comes right off

After that was the A/C unit itself. I decided to have the buttons red and the LCD white, but I got sent all red instead (this is being rectified).

You need to take apart the entire A/C unit to actually get to the face. But it’s not difficult at all. And there we go, red LCD.

All up, this took about 3 hours no joke. Most of it was spent taking apart/putting the car back together and/or testing it to make sure the lights worked. The installation itself is easy. Having done this, I’m more confident now and feel good that I was able to achieve this. Pretty happy as also that means a few things are ticked off my to-do list!


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