A little background

I thought it would be nice to start off with a little bit of a rundown. To list off what the car has on it:

In the engine
– Apexi blow off valve
– Blitz pod filter
– Full Turbo back exhaust with Kakimoto muffler (cannon)

Inside the cabin
– Blue dash and gauge LEDs
– carbon finish nismo gear knob – very scratched though – pioneer head unit.
– nismo seat covers from AXS (the only thing I added)

– nismo kit, genuine or not I’m not completely sure, but I do hope so
– hid headlights, the driver side is brighter than the passenger so I think that that’s been changed. Would like projectors.
– 17″ SSR professor 3 piece rims in chrome finish

That pretty much sums up the car as it came. Previous owner said that he didn’t put any of this on, it came that way from Japan. I’m not sure whether to believe him or not, but the only comments I can make are that the interior looks fairly nice whereas the exterior wasn’t as well taken care of. One rim is buckled, all rims have rashes. Various dents and scrapes, mostly small, but nevertheless noticeable upon inspection…  Having said all of that, overall condition of the car is quite good and for the 2 weeks that I’ve owned it, I’ve loved every second of driving and owning it.


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