Good and bad news

Today, I had 2 pieces of news.

The bad: I’d made an order for some stuff from nengun a while ago. The projected delivery date was 7 Jan. However, I got no email saying that my order was completed and shipped by Monday, yesterday. This morning i got an email telling me that ‘there was a delay with my order’. Wow. Thanks for that! The next projected delivery date is 18 Jan. Basically a whole 2 weeks away. WTF!

The good: got home from work and MY TAIL LIGHTS HAVE ARRIVED! So freaking happy. Over the moon. Finally, I can get rid of them ghey pink tail lights. I sincerely hope the pink is just a faded red. But then on the other hand what DOESN’T save the aftermarket tail lights is the fact that the two circles are the same size. As anyone should know, the signature tail lights of the 34 have the outer red light larger than the inner one. Here, the LED circles are both the same size. Ghey. Anyway, I was really tempted to skip going to the gym and install these ASAP, but, my conscience told me to squat. So I squatted. Will do some research over the next day or two and get around to installing them – most likely friday night. Perfect! Here’s to hoping they work fine – and that installation goes fine! 


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