A Thursday night

So tonight I decided to take Mr.GV out for a spin (it’s been 4 whole days!). Well, not really a spin, but you know, take him out for a drive – and oh boy it felt good. So off with his blankets. He wasn’t as clean as I thought he’d be, some kind of dust still somehow managed to get through….so possibly he’s up for another wash this weekend. The highlight of the night was showing him to my friend. Actually, the highlight of the night was tricking my friend and then springing the surprise on him. HAHAHA.

It went like this. Parked a few streets away. Went to his place. We chatted for a while. Then:

Me: Hey i forgot my wallet, want to come to my car with me to get it?
Him: Sure, let’s go.

-Walking-We arrive at the street.

Him: Where’s your car?
Me: I dunno…..is this the wrong street? *slowly reaches into bag to get keys*
Him: haha, how do you not know?
Me: *feels the unlock button – presses it* beep beep!
Him: Huh…what??? 0_0

and then I laughed in his face. And he was just stone still for a few seconds.

Classic! I don’t think either of us will forget this for a while, if ever. So this is a shoutout to you, and you know who you are!

So anyway, it’s Thursday night so tomorrow is Friday. Which means I will change the tail lights back to stock! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

Something which annoys me today though, is when I was putting the seat covers back on, I 90% ripped the velcro strap from one of the covers. So tomorrow night I have another thing to do and that is sew the strap back securely onto the cover.

Will post pictures as I go. Until tomorrow!


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